Nadia Corridan is a Fine Art Painter with a BA Honours from Limerick School of Art & Design. Originally from Cork, growing up near Kinsale, she now works in her studio in Wexford. Her work can be seen in The Civic Theatre Dublin, The Boathouse Gallery Kinsale and in private collections worldwide.

“The collection is loosely inspired by the Eight Pillars of Joy by the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu. Each piece of art within the collection reveals a secret of the human soul’s search for joy. I hope these pieces will open dialogues that allow us to reflect both privately and openly on moments in our lives and bring healing.”

Featured Products by NADIA CORRIDAN

  • Always sunrise somewhere

    Perspective gives us a sense of calm. How the sunflower relates to the wider universe, as it follows the sun, with its f...
  • Take this hand

    At certain moments in our lives, a simple touch of the hand from a loved one, can say so much more than words ever will....
  • To light a path

    Stepping into light is at once the actual and the symbolic embodiment of positivity. It is this act of optimism and gene...
Kathleen Smyth Wild Goose Studio Artist


Wild Goose co-founder and chief designer for more than 30 years, Kathleen Smyth was responsible for many of the Studio’s best-loved and enduring pieces. Largely self-taught and often working at her kitchen table, Kathleen developed her own distinctive style of modelling and sculpting which was very much in tune with the ancient Celtic and Irish carvings which inspired her designs.

Featured Products by KATHLEEN SMYTH

  • Celtic Love Cross

    Love alone is capable of uniting human beings in such a way as to complete and fulfill them, for it takes them and joins...
  • St Brendan’s Boat

    Standing on a hillside in a field overlooking Bantry Bay, this ancient carving is held to celebrate St Brendan’s voyag...
  • Woven Together

    The challenge of joining two people together, making a house a home, creating a happy family or managing a successful te...
Oisiín Kelly


Artist in residence at the Kilkenny Design Centre from 1966, OisÍn Kelly trained as a sculptor under Henry Moore and designed The Children of Lir in Dublin’s Garden of Remembrance, as well as the statue of Jim Larkin on O’Connell Street and Two Working Men outside County Hall in Cork.
For the Studio, Kelly carved relief portraits of James Joyce and W.B. Yeats and devised a beautiful Gaelic script for the wall plaque: níl aon tinteán mar do thinteán féin

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Cork-based Irish sculptor and stone carver, Ken Thompson is well-known for his memorial to the Air India crash at Ahakista in West Cork and his statue of St Patrick at Lough Derg.

Ken has designed several pieces for the Studio including Bidden or not bidden, God is present and its Latin equivalent, Vocatus atque non vocatus, deus aderit.

Featured Products by KEN THOMPSON

Tom Little, Wild Goose Studio Artist


Tom Little comes from a line of stone masons and is a founding member of the Letter Carvers Guild Ireland.  He has completed stone carving commissions throughout Ireland and is active in training the next generation of stone workers.

Among the many pieces he has carved for Wild Goose are: Sláinte, Seize the Day, Make me an Instrument of your Peace and Céad Míle Fáilte.

Featured Products by TOM LITTLE

  • Céad Míle Fáilte Plaque

    The traditional Gaelic greeting which means 100,000 welcomes. The Irish respect the significance of the welcome as a thr...
  • Seize the Day

    From the poet Horace, the original Latin is Carpe Diem. This beautifully carved piece was designed by Irish letter carve...
  • Sláinte

    Perhaps the furthest-travelled and most widely known of all Gaelic words, Sláinte is an expression of Celtic bonhomie, ...
Adam Grabski, Wild Goose Studio Artist


Originally from Poland, Adam had been working at the Studio for a few years before we discovered his artistic talents.

Since then, amongst others, he has carved all the pieces in the Scríobh range of Irish words, worked with Kathleen Smyth on Claddagh: Love, Loyalty Friendship and designed and made our beautiful Nativity. Kathleen recently gave Adam the carving and sculpting tools she collected during her 30 years as the Studio’s chief designer.

Featured Products by ADAM GRABSKI

  • Ahenny Celtic Cross

    Ahenny Celtic Cross Amongst the earliest of Irish High Crosses to feature the circle which has come to signify unity, th...
  • Grá Dílseacht Cairdeas – Love Loyalty Friendship

    After years in decline, Gaelic is experiencing a resurgence and its beauty can be seen in this award-winning design, ori...
  • Lucky Irish Horseshoe

    There was a tradition in rural Ireland to bury a lucky horseshoe under the cornerstone of a new building to bring it and...
Liz Morrissey, Wild Goose Studio Artist


Liz worked at the Studio before training and working as a sculptor in Ireland and the USA.  Her designs include the Celtic Cross of Commitment, the Sailing Cross and Irish Roots.

Featured Products by LIZ MORRISSEY

  • Celtic Cross of Commitment

    Life is full of half chances and possible opportunities which must be grasped. When we fully commit to an idea, partner ...
  • Sailing Cross

    Monks on the  remote island of Illauntaunig off the Kerry coast were faced with two main concerns: the spiritual and th...


Grandson of Oisín, Edward Kelly is a trained calligrapher and has designed lettering for the Studio which was used in many pieces, including Friendship is a sheltering tree, Go Confidently and Two Souls.

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