Grá – Love

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Grá means love in its most simple translation. As in any language there are of course many terms of endearment and ways of expressing love for someone. There are thousands of ways to tell someone you love them in Irish just as there are thousands of different types of love. There is the love that binds parent with child, the kind...

Gallery Collection

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We have just launched this exciting new collection, designed for the first time in collaboration with Cork artist Nadia Corridan. A strongly themed series of unique pieces which can be hung together or individually, the Gallery Collection features seven pieces, all in a bronze finish, which are displayed within a new, contemporary grey frame from Italy. This fresh move...


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Clann is one of the words for family in Irish. It comes from the gaelic times when clann was the basis of their entire society. Nowadays, clann still means family but it covers our extended family of aunts, uncles, cousins and beyond. The bonds of a loving family give us the strength to overcome adversity and rise above life’s...


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Home is much more than a building in any culture. It ties us to our family and our identity even when we travel. In Irish culture, there is a rich tradition of extending a thousand welcomes to your guest who may in return offer blessings to everyone in the home. This is part of the reason Irish hospitality is legendary....


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A sense of belonging is hugely significant in our human psyche. It’s more than geography, it’s about where our family is and where we come from. It’s part of what makes us who we are. When we leave home, reminders of where come from can become even more important. These symbols and traditions remind us of where we come from, who...

Newgrange Blog Post

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It’s the shortest day of the year today. Some lucky people got to witness the sun’s first rays creep along the ancient chamber of Newgrange Tomb in Co Meath. If you weren’t so lucky but are fascinated (like us!) by the culture that built this structure you might enjoy our short film about Newgrange:


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As we approach Christmas, it’s worth remembering that people have been celebrating this time of year for thousands of years in Ireland. The shortest day of the year is the 21st of December and it’s no coincidence that the festival of Christmas falls close to this date. Winter Solstice Newgrange passage tomb in Co Meath, one of our most...

St Brigid’s Day

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On the eve of St Brigid’s Day, the beginning of Spring in Ireland, here’s a short film which looks at some of the stories and traditions surrounding one of Ireland’s patron saints and ancient goddesses…